Immigration services to Poland

The wide range of services for immigration to Poland includes studying in Poland, establishing a company, obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit, and other law services.

Services We Offer

Residence card in Poland

Residence permit based on study or work. Assistance in paperwork, consultations. Residence permit based on Polish or English courses.

Virtual office in the center of Warsaw

Virtual office in the center of Warsaw from 50 zl brutto. Legal address in Poland Warsaw for the company. Workplace in the Warsaw office.

Polish language courses

Polish language courses in Warsaw from annual to intensive monthly courses. Best price in Poland! Documents for applying for a student visa.

Legal address in Warsaw

Legal address in Warsaw Poland for company registration from 50 zl per month. Workplace in an office with a legal address.

Immigration to Poland

Comprehensive services for immigration to Poland. Consulting in choosing a basis for a residence permit and permanent residence in Poland. Assistance in paperwork.

Establishing a company in Poland

Establishing a company, registering a company in Poland. A full range of services for establishing an enterprise, office rent, reporting.

Immigration to Poland

Are you planning to immigrate to Poland with your family? Do you want to travel to Poland based on study, work or Polish card? We will help you not only to move or get the opportunity to temporarily reside in Poland, but also in other matters that interest you. We offer a comprehensive solution to issues related to immigration to Poland, moving to permanent residence in Poland:
  1. Legalization of stay in Poland for individuals (obtaining a Pole card, obtaining a residence permit - a temporary residence card, permanent residence - a permanent residence card, Polish citizenship);
  2. Establishing an enterprise (company) in Poland (registration, operating activities of a company, accounting and taxation, legal advice);

Polish courses

We offer Polish and English courses for adults and adolescents who have reached the age of 17, as well as students who want to study Polish in parallel with their studies at a university, or take a Polish course before entering Polish universities. There are no age restrictions. You can get a visa to Poland on the basis of English and Polish language courses. To do this, we will provide you with the necessary documents. The duration of the course can vary: three months, six months, one year; Our teachers have extensive experience working with students, so you will feel comfortable in a new environment and quickly move on to practice.

Company registration in Poland

We provide a virtual office service in the center of Warsaw Poland from 50 zl per month. We provide a legal address for company registration. We will help you not only to open a company in Poland, but also to figure out which type of activity is best to choose so that there is a quick payback and incomes exceed expenses. Accounting, accompanied by law services, preparation of the necessary documents, the creation of a corporate seal and much more. We will take all this into our own hands. With us, you will be 100% sure that your company operates on absolutely legal grounds and in accordance with all the laws of the state.

Getting a residence card

Мы окажем Вам помощь в оформлении карты побыту в Польше. We will assist you in obtaining a residence card in Poland. The residence card is very convenient if you do not have time to apply for a new visa, or the period of your visa-free stay is coming to an end. Having a residence card, you will be able to stay in Poland legally, work, study en for from one to three years. We are engaged in the implementation of each of the methods of immigration to Poland. Contact us and the moving will become easier for you.

Comprehensive services for immigration to Poland


Competent lawyers of the company will assist in various issues of legalization in Poland, registration of an enterprise in Poland.


Professional teachers of English and Polish.


Attentive managers will advise on all issues, establishing a company in Poland, obtaining a visa to Poland.