Establish a company in Poland

Many business owners at least once thought about establishing a business in Poland, registering a company in Poland.

Establish a company in Europe means getting to a wide market. If you are going to register a company in Poland, this article is for you.

Not everyone is ready to establish a company in Poland on their own, sometimes entrepreneurs choose an easier way (but with their own holes) – to buy a business in Poland. At the same time, the registration of a company in Poland is carried out according to the same principles as for the Poles.

Establishing a company in Poland is possible only in the following forms:

  • work for yourself (individual entrepreneurship);
  • civil partnership;
  • registered partnership;
  • limited liability partnership;
  • limited partnership;
  • professional partnership;
  • limited liability company (LLC);
  • joint-stock company.

How to establish a company in Poland?

Have you decided to establish a company in Poland and have already chosen the form of business? Congratulations! Now it’s time to register it. Establishing a company in Poland and the subsequent registration of a business in Poland requires several important decisions, which, in particular, will depend on what taxes you will pay and what are your obligations as an entrepreneur.

Don’t act rashly. Think about when you want to start your business and what name you will give it. If you are well prepared for registration, it will be quick and hassle-free.
If you want to establish a business in Poland and you are faced with such questions as:

  1. How to start your own business;
  2. How to establish a business in Poland;
  3. What kind of business to establish in Poland;
  4. How to register a company in Poland;
  5. How much does it cost to establish a company in Poland, etc.,

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Before proceeding with the registration of a company, it is necessary to resolve a number of the following issues:

  1. Select the type of taxation of the company;

As an entrepreneur, you will have a choice of several types of taxation. Choose the one that allows you to pay the lowest taxes. Remember that you cannot change it at any time. When registering, in addition to specifying the form of taxation, you also need to specify how to pay tax prepaid expense (monthly or quarterly). The type of accounting of your company will also depend on the choice of taxation.

2. Think about when your company will start operating;

You must enter a specific business start date in the company registration application. Registration of a company in Poland is advisable when you have the necessary funds to launch it, an equipped office and a business plan for your company. Remember that in addition to registering, you assume the obligations of the entrepreneur in relation to the payment of social insurance contributions (ZUS).

3. Choose a good name for the company;
Each activity (company) should have its own name. For the simplest types of businesses, the first name should contain your first and last name. Before registering, you can check, for example on the Internet, if someone is already using the name you have chosen.

4. Determine what your company will do and select PKD codes;

When registering a company, you must inform what type of activity your company will be engaged in. In the registration application, you enter the so-called PKD code, i.e. type of activity. This will depend on the method of taxation and other obligations.

5. Think about which bank you want to open an account;

Even before you register a company, you can check which bank offers the best conditions for a company account. You can use a personal account, but a separate account for the company is much more convenient. Some banks allow you to create a company account before registering a company. In other cases, you can only do this after registering your company. After creating a company account, you will need to provide your office number.

How to register a company in Poland?

Do you have all the information you need to register your company? Have you chosen the type of business, name, taxation form, PKD codes and want to apply to the office?

If you are ready to register, it is time to apply for registering and complete the rest of the formalities. Some of these (for example, applying for insurance at ZUS or registering VAT) can be arranged during company registration.

What should be remembered when registering a company?

  • Prepare the necessary documents and register a company;

In the case of a single-user activity, an identity card is sufficient for registration. If you are registering a company, prepare all the documents required for registration (corporate agreements, applications for contributions, etc.). The office where you are applying will vary depending on the type of your company.

  • Apply for insurance at ZUS / KRUS;

When registering a company, you will be automatically notified to ZUS as the premium payer. However, you must additionally apply for insurance. If you are starting an individual company, you can register with ZUS when registering your company. If you want to do this after registration, you have 7 days for this.

  • Report the company data to the tax office after registration;

Upon registration, your company will “automatically” receive a taxpayer identification number. After registration, you will have to go to the tax office.

  • Register as a VAT taxpayer;

If you want to be a “VAT payer” voluntarily or you need to follow the rules, register with the tax office as a VAT taxpayer, if you intend to purchase services from other companies in the EU and take VAT on these purchases, register as a VAT-EU taxpayer.

  • Obtain a business license;

Make sure you don’t need additional permissions to run your business. If your activity is regulated (an entry in the register of regulated activities is required), you must report this to the appropriate institution.

  • Creation of a company bank account;

When creating a company, you will also have to contact the bank and create a separate bank account for your company – the account number must be sent to the tax office. If you intend to do business in the gastronomy or food industry, you must apply to SANEPID for the appropriate permits.

All information is given for informational purposes only and is subject to change, contain errors. Check with the manager.