Residence card in Poland

A residence card (residence temporary  card) is an official document (residence permit) that gives the opportunity to live, work and study in Poland legally for up to 3 years without the need for a visa.

Residence card in Poland

The residence card for Ukrainians and other foreign citizens has a number of advantages:

  • Legal stay in Poland;
  • Possibility to legally acquire movable and immovable property on the territory of Poland;
  • There is no need to apply for a visa;
  • The ability to travel across the territory of the EU and Schengen countries in 90/180 mode;
  • Students enrolled in stationary universities do not need to obtain an additional work permit.

You legally stay in the country from the moment you submit your documents.

How to get a Residence Card?

Residence cards are issued for the following reasons:

  1. Residence card based on training.
  2. Residence card based on work.

The residence card on the basis of work gives the right to work in Poland and in the 90/180 mode set off on a business trip to other Schengen / EU countries. To do this, you need to find a job on the job portal in Poland “oferty pracy w Polsce”, or if you are looking for a job in Europe, you can see vacancies from direct employers on the Jobs in Europe portal.

Based on family ties:

A residence card based on family ties assumes that one of the family members already has a residence card in Poland. Thus, the rest of the family can also receive a residence card. Or a family member applies for a residence card on the basis of study or work and can enter all family members in the application for a residence card.

Based on business.

A residence card on the basis of a business is opened if your business is legally located in Poland (registered in the Polish register). But getting a card is not so easy, there are many special requirements for the company.

Contact us and we will help you in various matters related to the residence card.
Assistance in filling out the application (form).
Registration in the queue for submission of documents.
Assistance in applying for a residence card based on study or work.
Full support until you receive an answer on the residence card.
Service cost from 300 zl.

How to get a residence card in Poland

Registration of documents for a residence card takes place in several stages:

Stage 1. Enrollment in the queue on the residence card
You can sign up for the submission of documents via e-mail, and then come directly to the Office for Foreigners. Before the visit, you must inform that you want to receive a residence card, and on what basis.

Stage 2. Preparation of a package of documents
The package of required documents varies depending on the basis on which you want to obtain a residence permit.

General documents:

  • Fill out application form;
  • Photo of the visa sample (4 pcs.);
  • Original and 2 copies of the passport (all pages);
  • Check, as confirmation of payment of the fee;
  • Insurance document for the entire stay;
  • Finger biometrics;
  • Documents confirming on the basis of which you are applying for a residence card;
  • A copy of the apartment rental agreement; or an agreement with the hostel;
  • Parental consent if you are a minor.

Stage 3. Submission of additional documents

Having submitted a general package of documents, you will receive a certified letter about the need to provide additional documents related to the basis on which you are applying for a residence permit. To provide an additional package of documents, an entry into the queue is not required, however, the queue has not been canceled directly in the office. Expect to spend about 3 hours on this.

Stage 4. Obtaining a temporary residence card

Some time later you will receive another letter or message about when you can pick up the cherished residence card. Before you can get it, you need to pay an additional 50 PLN at the cash desk for the production of plastic for the card. After that, after 14 days, you can safely receive your residence permit.

All information is given for introductory purposes only and is subject to change, contain errors. Check with the manager.

How much is a residence card – Price of a residence card in Poland

The price of a residence card is PLN 390 (based on studies) – this is the price only for the institution of the card. Before submitting the documents, it is necessary to pay a fee of 340 PLN at the checkout. As mentioned above, 50 PLN will need to be paid immediately before picking up the finished document for the production of plastic.